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Fathers Day 2021 Gift Guides from Amazon and YL

Fathers Day 2021 is here this weekend! Rounded up some great gifts for you to give your father figures in your life! Also, some of these items Justin has and uses, and some are on the wish list.

Fathers Day 2021 Gifts from Amazon

  1. Weighted Blanket – Love these. I actually want one for myself, I might have to borrow this gift:)
  2. A great backpack that can carry it all, laptop, water bottles, sports gear
  3. Our favorite new subscription, Butcher Box. I got this for Justin for Christmas and we are loving it, we have the classic box and are doing an every 8-week delivery.
  4. New basketball, classic gift for dad
  5. Love these outdoor fire pits
  6. One of my favorite journals
  7. Favorite Apple AirPods, I got these for Justin for his birthday last year
  8. Favorite coffee, small batch freshly roasted
  9. New featherweight kindle to read on the beach
  10. Small, portable projector, streams Utube, Netflix, Disney, great for travel and on the go
  11. A Great Book, I haven’t read but everyone says it is good
  12. Bluetooth speaker to take on the go or outside
  13. Weekend duffel bag
  14. Yeti cooler to take to the beach or boat
  15. Apple watch
  16. A cool Button-down shirt for the summer and warm weather
  17. Old school pasta maker, we have one and the boys love making pasta with this when Justin makes it
  18. How awesome is this ping pong table? Any dad would love this!
  19. It’s summer so every dad needs a grill thermometer, I also like this great grill accessory kit
  20. The Blackstone Grill (everyone is raving about it, unfortunately, it doesn’t fit on our small deck otherwise we would have this grill).
Fathers Day 2021 Wellness Gift Guide

Wellness Gifts

  1. Anything from the Young Living Shutran Line would make a great Father’s Day gift. Here is the Shutran aftershave lotion which is made from 100% plant-based ingredients.
  2. Young Living Pure Protein Complete is one of our favorites in this house. Two flavors the Vanilla Spice and Chocolate.
  3. Ningxia NITRO, our favorite quick wolfberry energy supplement Add to water, drink directly, or what I like to do is add into my glass of Ningxia.
  4. Ningxia Red Combo Pack. Our favorite wolfberry antioxidant. This combo pack comes with a box of 30 2oz on-the-go packs, and then additionally 2 full-size bottles. Another great option to get for Dad is the Ningxia Red Starter pack which will also come with the gift of the Young Living Membership. If you sign up with me and my team you will get access to all of our team exclusive Facebook groups, happy mail from me, and a great community.
  5. Ningxia Zyng. If the dad in your life loves energy drinks then this is his new replacement. An all-natural carbonated drink made with Ningxia and essentials oils.
  6. Charcoal Bar Soap. We love this soap and order it every month. Charcoal is so good for your skin and has powerful cleansing agents in it.
  7. Young Living Shutran the 3-in-1 Wash which can be used as a body wash, shampoo, and face wash.
  8. The Ember Collection – The perfect terra cotta clay diffuser for Dad plus a bottle of one of my favorite new oils Ecuadorian Lemongrass.
  9. Shutran Beard Oil to make dad’s quarantine beard soft and give it a natural shine.
  10. Deep-Relief Roll-On – Another Favorite product (I keep saying everything is my favorite, but that shows just how much love these products, everything is so so good!). This roll-on is a god-send for sore shoulders, lower back, and muscles in general.
  11. The Active & Fit Kit – This little bundle is a perfect gift for dad. This kit includes Cool Azul Sports gel, Deep-Relief Roll-On, Thieves Oil Blend, Copaiba Oil, and Peppermint Vitality Oil.
  12. Shutran Essential Oil Blend – Specially blended for men, it is said to boost masculinity and confidence.

The Easist Way to Become a Member and Shop These Wellness Products

If you are not a member yet and want to shop the wellness products above in the Fathers Day 2021 Gift Guide I have the easiest way. You can purchase the Basic Kit for only $25.

Fathers Day 2021 Basic Starter Kit

For Just $25 You get the whole Young Living Membership, A free bottle of Stress Away Oil Blend (Basically Vacation In A Bottle), and samples of Ningxia, Hand Sanitizer, and Thieves Mints.

Use my sign-up link here and make sure my member ID #17886713is filled out in the Enroller and Sponsor fields. This will ensure that I can take care of you and plug you into all our team has to offer.

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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