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Happy Birthday To Our Eight Year Old, Cooper!

Happy Birthday to our new eight-year-old, Cooper. Last month we celebrated his birthday! We just celebrated with our family this year and went out to eat at Hibachi (one of his favorite restaurants). We also did pizza in the park for lunch on his actual birthday that fell during the week with his school pod friends.

We lucked out with Cooper, he’s super funny and witty. He’s for sure very easygoing and will go along with whatever we are doing. All he wants to do is have fun. He’s obsessed with rollercoasters and water parks. He’s been pushing through to finish 2nd grade. He is not picky with food and will try anything, which I love and we can go out to eat at all kinds of restaurants with him.

A little bit about the day he was born. He was a breech baby and I had to have a C-section. I tried everything to turn him, acupuncture, prenatal yoga, Chiropractor adjustments…I even went ahead and scheduled for him to be turned by my doctor in the hospital. But he had his own plans. I woke up on May 18th, 2013 (2 weeks from his due date) and got out of bed to head to the bathroom and my water broke! Off to the hospital, we went and I had a C-Section a couple of hours later since he was still breech. Everything worked out perfectly, and he was perfect!

I thought it would be fun and decided to do a little interview, with Cooper this year. I asked him about 25 questions here are his answers. I recorded it on video but here are the things I asked him and his answers. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Q&A Cooper Eight Years Old

  1. Name and Age – Cooper, 8 Years Old
  2. Favorite Color – Blue AND Red
  3. Favorite Toy – Nintendo Switch
  4. Favorite Fruit – Grapes
  5. Favorite TV Show – The Simpsons
  6. Favorite Thing To Eat For Lunch – Baked Potatoes and PB&J sandwiches
  7. Favorite Outfit to Wear – Spider-Man Pajamas
  8. Favorite Game – Headbandz
  9. Favorite Snack – Candy
  10. Favorite Animal – Any animal that is cute, even Pandas
  11. Favorite Song – Anything by the Beach Boys
  12. Favorite Book – Narwhal and Jelly
  13. Best Friend – My brother Bodhi
  14. Favorite Cereal – Cocoa Cereal
  15. Favorite thing To Do Outside – Ride my bike, ride roller coasters, water park slides
  16. Favroite Drink – Sprite, CocoCola, and water
  17. Favorite Holiday – Christmas, Easter, and Halloween
  18. Favorite thing to take to Bed with Me at Night – Monkey
  19. Favorite Breakfast – Pancakes and Waffles
  20. Favorite Dinner – Baked Potatoe (Again!)
  21. If I was granted 3 wishes from a Genie – I would wish for every Mario games in the world, I wish I could get 1000 pieces of gum, and I wish I could do anything I want (no rules)
  22. What do I want to be When I grow up – An Actor
  23. Favorite thing to do with Mom – Snuggle & watch TV
  24. Favorite thing to do with Dad – Have fun
  25. Favorite thing to do with Bodhi – Go crazy!

Happy 8th Birthday Cooper, we love you!!! Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into my every day. You are loved by so many, but I hope you’ll always know how much your mama loves you to the moon and back forever and ever and always!!

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