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Ready to Rise Above ? – Convention 2021 Roundup

Ready to rise above? Rise Above was the theme for this years Young Living Virtual Convention. This is my 2nd Young Living Virtual Convention. I’ve only attended last year’s (also virtual) and never in person. I heard in person is the best, so who knows maybe next year.

Rise Above – Online Workshops

With the virtual convention, there were over 30 online classes and talks each day. Everything from business training, upcoming updates to the comp plan and business , strategies on how to build a team, how to be a storyteller, how to live your best life, into-depth new product talks, finally even virtual visits to some of the farms. For the price of the virtual ticket (around $45), I think it was worth the price and I think it was jammed packed with tons of educational information. You can tell that a lot went into every detail.

Rise Above – All The New Products Released

rise above convention 2021 roundup

The new products released were sooo good friends. I mean really good. From Thieves Bathroom and Kitchen Scub to Luchious Lemon Oil and Hand Lotion.

rise above convention 2021 wellness products

Of course new oils…Rise Above the official convention blend that was released and the new Highest Potential Oil collection. Hand crafted artisian products were also released and these items are all for the Young Living Foundation.

rise above convention 2021 products

I really loved the reformulated shampoo & conditioner…I can’t wait to try that and of course, I’m super excited about the new charcoal face mask.

rise above wellness products

What I Bought

Here is what I actually bought from the convention:

  • Next Level Beauty Collection – This bundle came with the Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner, The CHarcol FaceMask, and a charcol bar soap
  • One Voice oil & bracellet collection – This came with very cute Stacking Diffuser Bracelets • One Voice essential oil blend, 5 ml. Created in collaboration with The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to support the Foundation’s effort to end exploitation worldwide, One Voice essential oil blend is a complex bouquet of exquisite floral, grounding, woodsy premium essential oils.
  • Thieves Kitch and bath Scrub – Limited Time Only Availability! But we have been waiting for this friends!! Non scratching, Chlorine free all purpose cleane. Removes grease, dirt, grime, residue, and tough stains from most surfaces that leaves no harsh fumes or harmful residue.
  • Luchious Lemon Bundle – Bright citrus notes of Lemon Myrtle and Lemon, the fresh floral scent of Ylang Ylang, and cool, inviting Spearmint and Eucalyptus Globulus premium essential oils make up the new essential oil blend, also comes with the new hand lotion and my favorite foaming hand soap.
  • Golden Turmeric Powder – Unique, water dispersible formula makes it 24 times more bioavailable than standard turmeric extracts. It absorbs quickly and easily, so you can enjoy the full benefits of turmericSupports the body’s natural response to inflammation, immune response, joint health, mobility, and recovery after physical exertion. Delicious Mango Rose flavor (can’t wait to taste this). Turmeric is an excellent source of curcuminoids, which help support the wellness properties in our bodies.

I also received a free Gua Sha Face Stone for free since I placed an order during convention and I received a free wooden teaspoon for the tumeric powder (YL is always loving us with fun free gifts).

How To Shop These Products and Get A Young Living Membership

Great news! If you want to shop these new products and are not a member yet of Young Living I have created a new custom Convention 2021 Starter Bundle For you to shop.

Step 1. Custom Starter Bundle

Use this link and head to the signup page.

Step 2.

Select the Basic Kit, this is your membership that unlocks your ability to shop the Young Living website with 24% off wholesale pricing.

Step 3. Select from my Top 10 Convention Products and add them to your cart.

Step 4. Monthly Essential Rewards Subscription (Optional)

I always suggest to select yes to essential rewards (this is our auto-ship monthly wellness box). Saying Yes now will get you 10% back to your YL account and qualify you You can cancel this or change up products and ship the date later. No strings attached (seriously…you can cancel anytime).

Select Yes I want to join button, then select the products you want to try ‘NEXT MONTH‘. I always suggest getting the Thieves Essentials Kit. You can pick your own or select from some of my favorites listed.

You can also select from some of the other products I have suggested or choose your own (Young Living has over 600 clean and non-toxic products for your home). Remeber, if you ever need help, pleasereach out to me and I will help you pick products based on what you want to try or need for you and your family’s’ lives (oils@livlafandluv.com).

You can always shop the original start kits. Head here to read more and how to sign up.

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

Blog Post or Freebie



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