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Essential Oils For Self Care

This months free PV oils from Young Living are all about essential oils for self care and I couldn’t think of anything better for Valentine’s Day.


If you are new around here each month Young Living gifts us with free products when we spend a certain amount of money on Essential Rewards (the amazing monthly auto-ship program). Its a seriously a no-brainer, free products, plus rewards points back that I spend on products I need at another time (10% -25% back in fact). Our other friendly neighborhood red bulls-eye store doesn’t do this..wink, wink! To keep your Young Living Membership active you only have to spend 50PV once per calendar year. But you would be missing out on all of these free products and that’s just silly (IMO!).

100PV Free Gift

FREE Shipping. All orders over 100PV qualify for free economy shipping (Yay!)

190PV Free Essential Oils For Self Care

Free Shipping!


5ml Ylang Ylang Essential Oil– I love Ylang Ylang oil! Very sweet scent. Helps create a calming environment. It’s actually used in a ton of luxury skin and hair products because of its moisturizing properties.

5ml Patchouli – This is an ER order Bonus oil. What this means is that if you place a 190PV Shop order you will not receive this oil. Only ER orders qualify for this oil. Patchouli is part of the mint family (little known fact). It does not smell minty at all! It actually has a very powerful and musky scent. Also used alot in perfumes, soaps, incense and other oil blends.

250PV Free Products

Free Shipping + 5ml Ylang Ylang + 5ml Patchouli


15ML Stress Away Essential Oil. Hands down one of my favorites. Some call this vacation in a bottles because it just instantly relaxes you. A blend of Lime, Vanilla, Lavender, Cedarwood and Ocotea. I love diffusing this before bed to unwind and destress with lavender.

300PV Free Products

Free Shipping + 5ml Ylan Ylang + 5ml Patchouli + 15ML Stress Away


5ML One Heart Essential Oil. This is a new oil blend released at Convention this year. It encourages a bright outlook on life, and inspires to open your heart to live and service to others. This one will help you find your center and connect to your inner spirituality, and creates a calming, energizing environment when diffused.

If you are not a member yet of Young Living, you can use this link here to sign up. Once you become a member you can shop all of the wonderful products Young Living has, they seriously have everything (Laundry detergent, clean makeup, shampoo, conditioner, baby products, kids products).

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Blog Post or Freebie


Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

Blog Post or Freebie



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