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Free Products for January 2021 That Support Your Skin

January 2021 Young Living Essential Rewards Free Products.

Essential Oils That Support Your Skin

This months free products from Young Living are about oils that support our skin. I know that our skin is the biggest organ of our body. So it’s very important to take care of it and it is a priority for me. Conventional skin care products normally are filled with potentially harmful ingredients that include known carcinogens, irritants and endocrine disruptors. Shocking as it is there are only 11 known cosmetic ingredients currently banned by the FDA, while in the EU over 1300 ingredients are banned. What this says is that US based companies are free to do whatever they want to practically no government oversight. So everyday products we reach for …think mascara, face wash, shampoo are probably filled with potentially harmful ingredients.

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January Freebies on Essential Rewards

So back to this months free products! If you are new around here each month Young Living gifts us with free products when we spend a certain amount of money on Essential Rewards (the amazing monthly auto-ship program). Its a seriously a no-brainer, free products, plus rewards points back that I spend on products I need at another time (10% -25% back in fact). Our other friendly neighborhood red bulls-eye store doesn’t do this..wink, wink! To keep your Young Living Membership active you only have to spend 50PV once per calendar year. But you would be missing out on all of these free products and that’s just silly (IMO!).

100PV Free Gift

FREE Shipping. All orders over 100PV qualify for free economy shipping (Yay!)

190PV Free Products

Free Shipping!


5ml Mastrante Essential Oil– This is a new oil for me, I have never tried it, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. Its supposed to be very high in the constituents limonene and carvons that possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress, and possibly disease-preventing properties. Mastrante is potentially amazing for your skin and promotes radiating skin.

15ml Orange This is an ER order Bonus oil. What this means is that if you place a 190PV Shop order you will not receive this oil. Only ER orders qualify for this oil. Orange oil is a staple in my house. I love diffusing it since it has such an uplifting aroma. Orange also has the naturally occurring constituents limonene and alpha-pinene. Add orange to household cleaners for a sweet citrus scent. And just like Lemon Essential Oil Orange also works as an adhesive remover. Massage Orange oil into the skin for an energizing scent. Apply to the skin to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

15ML Tea Tree Essential OilThis is another ER order Bonus oil. Tea Tree is another favorite oil. Tea Tree has antimicrobial properties. I keep this one in my bathroom and spot treat any blemishes. I literally put one drop on my face and the next day it is gone! Tea Tree is also known as Melaleuca or Melaleuca Alternifolia. When used topically the cleansing properties of Tea Tree may help reduce the appearances of blemishes, and maintains healthy-looking hair and scalp. Aromatically it helps eliminate musky odors.

250PV Free Products

Free Shipping + 5ml Mastrante + 15ml Orange + 15ML Tea Tree


5ML Manuka Essential Oil. Another oil that is great for your skin. A little fun fact Manuka Essential oil comes from the same plant as Manuka honey. When used topically Manuka is cleaning and soothing, it may also help reduce the appearance of blemishes, supports the appearance of healthy looking skin. When used aromatically it has a warm, calming aroma: sweet, woodsy, and tea tree-like aroma.

300PV Free Products

Free Shipping + 5ml Mastrante + 15ml Orange + 15ML Tea Tree + 5ml Manuka


15ML Geranium Essential Oil. One of my favorite oils, i love diffusing geranium around the house. Its also a main ingredient in one of my favorite blends The coveted Anthropologie candle dup blend. I also like making a natural face toner with Geranium oil. Geranium oil May help maintain the appearance of healthy, youthful-looking skin, helps promote healthy, radiant-looking hair and may even help cleanse the skin.

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

Blog Post or Freebie



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