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My Goals for 2021 And Intentions

My Goals for 2021, Intentions, Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends and if you are reading this I am so glad you are here. I thought I would sit down and tell you my goals for 2021. I’m finally feeling good about this space, and trying to get into the grove. I actually did sit down and make a big list of topics to turn into blog posts. Although I’m giving myself grace and patience as I figure things out I’m striving to get posts finished. I don’t want perfect (this is very hard for me).

New Years Resolutions are a bit too restrictive to me but I do like goals so I thought I would share a few of my goals for 2021 and intentions for this year:

Grow an Email List

You can sign up here if you want to get on the list. Instagram/social media is a great tool, but it could go away tomorrow or the algorithm could change and no one will see your posts. Recently I’ve learned how important it is to have an email list if you want to have an online biz. You don’t own instagram/facebook, and like I said it could go away tomorrow and then you have no audience talk or sell to. An email list is what you do own same as your website and blog and have full control over. So this is definitely the top of my goals for 2021. on my list this year.

Currently I’m using Flodesk as my email service provider. I love how visually appealing it is to make emails look, I also like the price since it is currently in beta. If you want a discount here’s a link for 50% off at only $19 a month.

Overall Wellness goals

I seriously feel so much better when I am consistent with my supplements and oils. I take a bunch from Young Living Master Formula (muti-vitamin) Pro 9 (probiotic), Sulfurzyme (hair, skin and nails), I also drink an antioxidant supplement called Ningxia every afternoon instead of grabbing for a snack, and Inner Defense and Vitamin C when I’m feeling run down.

I diffuse oils all day every day, and I also use them on my body. I use hormone supporting oils, immune, skin, and all sorts of others for support as needed. I honestly just feel better and love the joy that it brings me.

It’s so much fun mixing up all different sorts of blends and love diffusing certain oils for certain things. Right now while I work, I’m love diffusing peppermint and valor or grapefruit and valor is another good combo when I have to concentrate and get to work. So just continuing to use oils, because they make me feel happy, and they support our bodies!

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I’m setting a goal of 21 minutes a day, which seems very achievable. I can find 21 minutes to sit down and read, even if it during a quick lunch break. And want to read 1 new book a month, then fill in with finishing books I’ve started or have around the house but haven’t started yet.

Meditate and Breathe

I downloaded headspace a couple of weeks ago, 5-10 min every morning as part of my get ready for my day routine.

Fueling my Passions

This blog, grow, share, write, educate in this space – fuel my passions.I’ve been ignoring this for so long.

More Creativity

Do one thing creative every day – draw, paint, color, doodle…just one small little thing a day.

Clean out/declutter

I feel like I’ve been cleaning out my closet forever but I still have more to do, since I’m going into the office less, I really don’t need all of these clothes. to wear every day. I’d love to get to a point where I have a ‘capsule’ collection of 10-20 pieces of clothes that I wear on repeat each season. I’m inspired by this article.


Get back to traveling, exploring new places, they don’t have to be by plane, drives are good too.

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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